Clean Up

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If you are compiling to binary, the compiler will take care of removing unused variables, and the names of functions will no longer be relevant. If, however, you want to distribute obfuscated source (useful, for example, for simple reverse engineering exercises given to students), you may want to clean up the code prior to distributing it.

--Transform CleanUp Transformation to run last, to clean up the generated code.
--CleanUpKinds names, annotations, constants, randomize, compress, * Specify types of cleanup to perform Default=names,annotations,constants,randomize.
  • names = Replace identifiers with less obvious ones
  • annotations = Remove annotations that Tigress uses internally. Tigress should not be called again on a file that has had annotations removed
  • constants = Fold constant expressions
  • randomize = Randomly reorder functions in the output file
  • compress = Compress the output file by removing blank lines and extra spaces
  • * = Same as names,annotations,constants