Encode Arithmetic

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Replace integer arithmetic with more complex expressions. For example, the following identities can be used to encode integer addition:

x + y = x - ¬ y - 1
      = (x ⊕ y) + 2·(x ∧ y) 
      = (x ∨ y) + (x ∧ y) 
      = 2·(x ∨ y) - (x ⊕ y) 
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For example, Tigress might replace

z = x + y + w
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z = (((x ^ y) + ((x & y) << 1)) | w) + 
    (((x ^ y) + ((x & y) << 1)) & w);
--Transform EncodeArithmetic Replace integer arithmetic with more complex expressions.
--EncodeArithmeticKinds integer Specify the types to encode. Currently, only integer is available. Default=integer.
  • integer = Replace integer arithmetic.
--EncodeArithmeticMaxLevel INTSPEC How deep to recurse into expressions. Default=100.
--EncodeArithmeticMaxTransforms INTSPEC How many transformations to perform on each expression. Default=100.
--EncodeArithmeticDumpFileName string Name of Json file onto which we dump transformed expression. The actual file will be function-name_number_fileName.json. From version 3.3.2. Default=100.



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For each operator, there are many possible encodings, and at transformation time, these are selected from randomly.


Debugging and Attacking (From version 3.3.2

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There have been many recent papers on attacking MBA expressions. To facilitate such attacks you can dump all the transformed expressions onto a Json file for further processing. Simply set --EncodeArithmeticDumpFileName=filename.json.



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Currently, the identities are taken from the book Hacker's Delight.