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Operations for displaying internal data structures.

--Transform Info Print internal information.
--InfoKind cfg, fun, src, linear, WS, DG, CG, alias, globals, universe Information to print. For cfg, fun, and linear use --Functions, as usual, to specify which functions to print. --Transform=Info --InfoKind=src --Functions=foo is a good way to examine a function after each transformation.
  • cfg = Control Flow Graph
  • fun = Function in internal format
  • src = Function in source form
  • linear = Function in internal linearized block format (used as a starting point for flattening and branch functions)
  • WS = Working Set
  • DG = Dependency Graph
  • CG = Call Graph
  • alias = Print the pointer-graphs
  • globals = List of global symbols in the original program.
  • universe = Print the current universe of symbols.
--InfoUniverseFileName string The name of the json file generated for the Tigress universe. From version 3.3 Default=universe.json.
--InfoGlobalsFileName string The name of the json file generated from Tigress global objects. From version 3.3 Default=globals.json.